Business Impact


Do you find yourself asking “What are the next steps for our organization?” zaam professionals strategically facilitate business analysis reviews, goal setting sessions, brainstorming team meetings and more. Having an outside consulting expert can bring an unbiased perspective on increasing profitability. Assisting in growing market share, succession planning or other business impact decision making processes. Whatever your organizations’ goals, zaam will help you achieve them.

Financial Results


With over 40 years of combined finance professional experience, zaam experts will design useful analysis reports, analyze your current financial statements as well as bookkeeping practices. In today’s accounting world, many office tasks can be automated; from moving electronic data storage to implementing contemporary work techniques. Our team will help save valuable time and help bring more workflow efficiency to your organization, giving your budget a little more breathing room.

Keeping Score


Staying on-top of your company goals is critical to achieve results. Key performances can be measured by Scorecards, Dashboards or Key Metric Charts. However creating these for yourself can be a long and cumbersome task, one that might take you off track. Let the experts at zaam develop the right reports to help manage your day-to-day tasks and measure your performance. Helping you keep your team on track and helping shape your company’s future. 

Process Improvement


Businesses are constantly faced with having to review their processes in order to boost improvement. However, your organization is highly dependent on having as little downtime as possible, continuously striving to meet deadlines and service your clients. zaam consultants are here to help by reviewing any process, including but not limited to; time of order to ship-ready, purchasing, scheduling, production, quoting, invoicing, administrative processes and more. zaam will help determine what can make your organization’s processes faster, better and more efficient – improving your bottom line and eliminating non-value added activities. Do more with less.

System Automation


Not using your current system to its full potential? zaam consultants will review your current systems compared to your organization’s needs. By evaluating missed or existing opportunities  and by using a variety of cost-effective techniques, zaam will ensure that your organization reaches a paramount level of proficiency. Applying simple automation tools can streamline your internal processes. Automation such as form requests, engineering changes, logging information, scheduled reminders and more can easily be implemented to ensure your team doesn’t miss a beat.



Regardless of industry, today’s market is not static. So why should your employee’s skills be? Ongoing training provides benefits to the individual as well as the employer. Assisting your company in running effective tasks, escalating staff skills and knowledge to help maximize your organizations true potential is a bottom-line increase for shareholder return. Throughout your projects, zaam professionals are here to help with instructions and training either on-site in a classroom setting, one-on-one or remotely.

“An investment in knowledge, always pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

We are located on the outskirts of Kingston, Ontario which allows us to serve the Montreal-Toronto-Ottawa triangle. We also provide remote services around the world.

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