zaam℠ is a business consulting firm that works with small to medium-size organizations in order to optimize various aspects of business activities. At zaam℠ , our experts work with you to eliminate the day-to-day distractions and frustrations; those non-value added activities that hurt your bottom line.

With a menu of SERVICES such as Business Reviews, Financial Reporting, Training and more, we offer the TOOLS (Adagio, Paydirt Payroll, APS Payments) needed to provide the flexibility to manage each unique business.

zaam℠  knows that not every business has the same requirements so we strive to find the best solutions to fit each and every organization.



Adagio Accounting by Softrak Systems Inc, is designed for small to mid-size companies. Adagio offers good value for organizations that have outgrown their entry-level products and are looking for a scalable business system. Adagio’s modular based accounting program offers solutions for Distribution, Professional Services, Not-for-Profit and more. Discover what you can do when limitations are removed. Learn more….


PayDirt Payroll is designed to address the limitations of current in-house payroll systems or outsourced payroll services that increase costs. As a preferred Canadian payroll solution, PayDirt enables organizations to properly calculate payroll and seamlessly generate the desired accounting transactions. PayDirt Payroll is fully integrated with many of the contemporary accounting software solutions. Learn more…


APS/NAPS is a credit card processor and that fully integrates with your ERP solution Adagio. Your ERP solution is the backbone to your business. Your credit card payment processor is key to your growth and success. Integrating the two solutions is simply a smart business decision which will save you time, reduce manual entry errors and increase your revenue. Learn more…

We are located on the outskirts of Kingston, Ontario which allows us to serve the Montreal-Toronto-Ottawa triangle. We also provide remote services around the world.

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