APS/NAPS is a credit card processor and that fully integrates with your ERP solution Adagio. Your ERP solution is the backbone to your business. Your credit card payment processor is key to your growth and success. Integrating the two solutions is simply a smart business decision which will save you time, reduce manual entry errors and increase your revenue.

American Payment Solution has several key advantages.

— Transparent merchant statements
— Guaranteed Rates
— Free PCI Support
— Level 3 Processing available
— No charge for installation, setup, training, maintenance or support

— Simple Gateway fees
—  12 hour funding available
—  Online Management and reporting
—  Streamlined installation process
—  Dedicated, 24/7 onsite support team

— Migration available
—  Ability to process internationally
—  AMEX OptBlue Program
—  Multitude of Equipment options
— Help with cancellation fees



We will put our best foot forward for you, so you don’t waste your time. If you don’t understand your bill, we will educate you on how you are currently being billed. With APS, you’ll know you are being treated fairly


In most circumstances, we can provide free equipment! Leases can be costly to the business, and a regretted investment. APS will never attempt to put you in a lease.


Not only will your rates not go up with APS, but we will match any quote you receive from another processor! Our profit margin is extremely thin. This is why merchants stay with us much longer!

To learn more and receive a free no-obligation analysis, please click here.

We are located on the outskirts of Kingston, Ontario which allows us to serve the Montreal-Toronto-Ottawa triangle. We also provide remote services around the world.

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