Adagio Accounting Software by Softrak Systems Inc, is designed for small to mid-sized companies. Adagio offers good value for organizations that have outgrown their entry-level products and are looking for a scalable business system. Adagio’s modular based accounting program offers solutions for Distribution, Professional Services, Not-for-Profit and more.

Adagio is available as a local on premise solution or as a hosted solution with Adagio Cloud, allowing secure 24×7 access from anywhere.

Get to Know Adagio

Discover what you can do when limitation are removed


— Data Entry is Faster and more Efficient
— Manages Large Volumes of Transactions
— Easy Excel Direct Function
— Automates Processes


— Best in Class Audit Controls
— Provides Checks and Balances
— Advanced Inventory Managemen


— Adapts to your Unique Organization
— Posts to Previous Periods
— Diverse set of Departments, Divisions and Companies
— Various Reports for Various Needs


— Provides Powerful Financial Reporting
— Advanced Security Features
— Detailed Entry Templates
— Integrates with External Sources

Pick and choose the modules that you need


General Ledger - Bank Rec

Accounts Receivable - Payable

Order Entry - Invoices


Sales Quotes - Sales Analysis

Inventory - Purchase Order

Time & Billing - Job Cost

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As Adagio Consultants and Certified Resellers, zaam experts will help you make the most of your Adagio Accounting investment. Between the powerful feature functionalities and flexibility this accounting software has to offer, Adagio is sure to meet your system needs. With trusted value added third party applications, our team can ensure that your extra add-on requirements are met with solutions that are fully integrated with Adagio.

Take it to the next level. Add Power.


One of the great features of Adagio Accounting is the ability to add on third party solutions that increase the power of this already robust program. Softrak’s Third Party Partners are dedicated to making Adagio even more powerful with solutions that are tightly integrated with your existing Adagio modules, saving time and avoiding human-error.


PayDirt Payroll is designed to address the limitations of current in-house payroll systems or outsourced payroll services that increase costs. As payroll requirements become increasingly complex, more and more payroll departments are struggling to record and provide information in a timely and efficient manner. As a preferred Canadian payroll solution, PayDirt enables organizations to properly calculate payroll and seamlessly generate the desired accounting transactions. PayDirt Payroll is fully integrated with Adagio Ledger. Learn more…


Dakota Software develops various utilities that integrate with Adagio from ePack for bar code scanning, Remote Orders for on the road sales staff and Exporter for Adagio to bring your data to an external database. The favourite of all is the Toolkit for Adagio, an essential collection of utilities for Adagio that provides the ability to change, combine or copy codes. Want to change your chart of accounts, your inventory item numbers or re-organize your supplier and customer codes? With Toolkit for Adagio these changes are easy and they will populate through the entire data set. Historical data and associated data are also changed, all of this with a detailed audit trail for reference.


SRSoft brings specialized solutions to Adagio users. Fixed Assets for Adagio is a complete asset management system. Ideal for critical record-keeping needs of asset details including maintenance and inspection. Documents for Adagio Payables is a paperless solution to organize invoices and vendor documents electronically. SmartRecords offers a solution to store, track and retrieve documents, files or records for your company’s data and SmartRecords HR is an electronic filing system for your employees’ data.


Link2 Systems designs, builds and supports various solutions that bridge to Adagio.  Ship2 Link is a practical solution that integrates Adagio with your preferred shipping system. Link2 POS is a Point-of-Sale solution linking Retail Management System to handle the POS transactions and linking them to Adagio. XCompany allocates and distributes intercompany transactions across Adagio data sets. Link2 Systems designs many other solutions to improve and streamline daily processing of transactions.


APS/NAPS is a credit card processor and that fully integrates with your ERP solution Adagio. Your ERP solution is the backbone to your business. Your credit card payment processor is key to your growth and success. Integrating the two solutions is simply a smart business decision which will save you time, reduce manual entry errors and increase your revenue.

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